Saturday, August 20, 2005

From the horse's mouth: A Zionist On Zionism

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An Apology From a US Christian to Palestinians


The desire to rebuild the Temple is a part of Judaism, just as zionism is.

There are many christinas who freely attack other christians and state that they are not christian. Catholics, Mormans, 7th day adventists and others come to mind. It appears that there is nothing worse then a christian who does not kow tow to another christian. So sad.
It has no theological significance to you.

The 13.9 million Jewish zionists know that salvation is for the righteous of all nations, not just for those select few who consider themselves reborn in the correct fashion.
zionism existed well before Herzl. Evebn political zionism existed before Herzl. Just as electricity existed before Edison. Those two merely used what existed and made them greater.

Israel does not have an apartheid government nor an apartheid system in place.

Jews are a people, so the broad definition of racist behavior/attitude would include hatred of the Jewish people.
The security fence is to keep the palestinian terrorist out of the major population centers of Israel, not to keep them hemmed in somewhere else. They are free to join their brothers in palestinian Jordan.
You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, no matter what flimsiness it may be based on.
One believes that Ariel Sharon couldn't possibly be Jewish and another spout that Jewish power in the US is foreign. And someone accuse me of have fingers in my ears?

Truly full of mirth.

Which palestinians should go back to Jordan? You'll have to check the records and see who is from Jordan.

Why are you disagreeing about the race thing? Antisemitism is a form of racism. You canm only become Jewish by being born into it or being adopted into it.

As you have no belief in the book, it is no wonder that your writing reveals that you have never read the book.
As zionism is part and parcel inherent in Judaism, your comment smacks of antisemitism. Just an opinion though, I'm sure you feel differently. But Klansmen don't considerer themselves racists either, even though they are.
No one ever stated that zionism is Judaism. It is merely part an parcel therein. All who state that they are jewish, religiously, are zionists and believe in the concept of zionism.

Whether or not you are an antisemite has nothing to do with your accident of birth. Some very famous antisemites happen to have Jewish parents.