Saturday, August 20, 2005

From the horse's mouth: A Zionist On Zionism


Palestinian Landloss from 1946 to 2000


As long as surveys show that the Arabs in the region are not interested in peace there will never be an acceptance in Israel.

The only time Palestinians have lived as Palestinians was from 1967 through 2000, the beginning of the 2nd Intafada.

From 1948 to 1967, they were treated like cayttle by the Jordanians and the Egyptians. From 1917 to 1948, they were treated as a backwards people by their British overlords.

... Fact-check. Every single time an Arab leader has requested land in return for permanent peace, Israel has accepted.

1. Menachem Begin accepted the offer by Egypt's Anwar Sadaat - a former Nazi collaborator - for peace in return for all of the Sinai Peninsula.
2. Rabin accepted a no-strings-attached peace treaty with Jordan's King Hussein in 1994.

To clarify your misconception about "Palestinian" nationhood: Most of the international community pre-1967, among them all nations in the Soviet bloc, were clamoring for a division of all land in Palestine to existing Arab governments.
IN OTHER WORDS: Palestinian nationhood was not even a concept to Palestinian Arabs until afterwards. It's really that simple. In all of history, there has never - ever - been a sovereign Palestinian state.

Hence Hamas' slogan: Drive the Infidels into the sea.

Gravatar Thank you Joe, I couldn't have done better.

Palestinians have made no concrete peace offers, only intafads when it became clear that they would not get 100% of there demands.

Joe is not saying you need to have a soveriegn State, International law is stating it. For certain legal claims, legality must be involved. Where are your cries for the poor Kurds and their dreams of Kurdistan?

You keep forgeting that the land belonged to the Ottomans and then the British, who promised it to the Jews for their assistance in defeating the Ottomans. The vast majority of Arabs living in the area were transient tenent farmers, owning little more than the clothes on their backs.

No Jew will ever actually feel safe in an islamic country. Too many pogroms, too many years as dhimmis.

Israel is about the Jews. And the war is about islamist arabs who despise the fact that Jews control what had been islamic land.

It is all over the arab press, education system, mosques, street and homes. It has never been about Arab concern for the Palestinians.
While Israelis are not being taught to love Palestinians, they are not being taught to hate them. Mainstream synagogues do not have Rabbis preaching death to Muslims.

There is one aspect of Arab solidarity. It is called antisemitism. It is a shame, but it is a fact. And you are correct that the arab world is using the palestinians to advance that agenda. And the palestinians rarely complain.