Saturday, August 20, 2005

From the horse's mouth: A Zionist On Zionism


Why should Palestinians keep what they cannot defend?


As a palestinian, your natural enemy is the Islamic nationalism that demands the death of your children.

Zionism is your best friend. It brought you hospitals, schools, an economy, and long life.

Islamic nationalism brought you death.

Gravatar "The Conflict" for dummies:

Palestinians never identified themselves selves as such until Jews did so.
Zionists want a land as every people wants ther homeland.
Palestinian Arabs are no weaker or stronger than Palestinian Jews.
Zionists are not stronger but are weaker than Islamic nationalists.
Zionists have had to fight Palestinians and both sides have used terror as a weapon.
Zionists take land, formerly part of the palestinian mandate, most owned by what passes as a government at the time, from which attacks have occurred.
Zionists now have a land, it is known as Israel. The Arabs in the region are denied their nationalistic movement by the Egyptians and jordanians. The Jordanians take their land and no arab complains.
Palestinians want their land back, but first they figure they should attack the Israelis, not the Jordanians and egyptians who have stolen their land. No one can figuire out why.
Palestinians try to take their land back, but fail because they are fighting the wrong people. Rather than fight those that enslave them, the jordanians and egyptians, they fight the ones who give them jobs, hospitals, and schools. Again, no reasonable person can understand this.
Israelis defeat Palestinians. They have no choice, their backs are to the sea. They have nowhere else to go. They clearly can not trust the Germans nor the French nor the United nations.
(last 2 lines: repeat ad nauseum) Makes you sad.
Merely an opinion, of course...